Little bit about myself…

Currently I am a pregnant mom in 34th week. 
This is my first baby and I am expecting a girl.

I am a pharmacist and a public health professional interested in improvement of community health.
My academic background is both in pharmacy and public health. I used to work as a medical representative for a pharmaceutical company (Johnson & Johnson) as well as a clinical pharmacist both at the huge university hospital setting and a local pharmacy setting for years. And then, I went back to school because I wanted to study more about public health. In 2014, I graduated from Johns Hopkins University with a Master of Public Health. Ever since I was back in school, I envisioned my career dedicated to promoting community health and adolescent health. After graduating, I had been trying to figure out how to make such aspirations come to life.  In fall of 2014, I have started to develop Healpy iPhone App which is a health educational App operated with an artificial intelligence database I created for pregnant women and young moms as well as teenagers and the general public.

The Purpose of This Blog

Share Quality Health Information for Pregnant Women and Young Moms
I developed Healpy iPhone App to help other pregnant women and young mommies because I believed that they really need quality information for their healthy pregnancy and well-being of their child. Educated moms can make the babies healthy and the healthy kids can make the communities healthy. Thus, I believed that the role of mommies well-equipped with quality information is greatly important not only for the babies, but for our society in the long run.

Help Pregnant Teenagers
While I was running and managing Healpy iPhone App, I come to realize that many teenage girls are going through pregnancy and without any proper guidance. Unfortunately, they don’t have much resources to use nor do they know where to get help from. Within first few days of launching the Healpy iPhone App to the App Store, I was shocked that there were so many teenage moms trying to utilize Healpy App because they didn’t have anyone else to go to for help. I had no idea how much of a serious social problem teen pregnancy is to all of us and how many teen-moms are experiencing tough times right here in the US. I felt compelled to take role however small or big it may be.

I, as a happy-pregnant mommy, wanted mommies and soon-to-be mommies of all ages to fully feel the happiness and joyfulness of pregnancy. Due to unplanned and unexpected pregnancy happening as early as pre-teens or teenage years, many mommies don’t get to enjoy such happiness and joyfulness of pregnancies we as adults feel. At the same time, I wanted for them to make the wisest decision they can at this point in their lives and treat themselves in a right way as a pregnant mom. I strongly believed that many others who are going through teenage pregnancies desperately need other’s help. And I am more than happy to take part in helping pregnant teenagers. You can always participate in this great cause by purchasing Healpy Character T-shirts or Healpy iPhone App so that I can maintain such campaign through blog/website/app developments to reach out to more teenage mommies to help with happy and joyful pregnancy.